This course was developed to teach primary school pupils the fundamentals of English.

This course was developed to help children learn the fundamentals of English as they go through their years of primary education. While it follows the syllabi of Caribbean (West Indian) educational systems, it has relevance for any learner anywhere in the world who seeks to develop an effective command of the English language.

This is a massive course, comprising hundreds of language presentations, interactive learning activities, exercises, and quizzes. It was designed to capture the imagination and interest of children between the ages of 9 and 11. However, it is an extremely useful tool for remedial work in some secondary schools where children have not fully grasped the fundamentals.

The language presentations were authored based on topics taken directly from the syllabi of Caribbean nations. Since they are concerned with teaching the fundamentals of English at this level, all of the parts of speech are treated in attention grabbing and highly motivating ways. Slide shows are used as the preferred presentation tool. The slideshows contain endless information, opportunities for practice, loads of language to study in the form of full contextual sentences, each accompanied by a picture, and much more. This course is an English-learner's dream come true.

The learning activities include a wide assortment of games and quasi-games. There are sorting games, sequencing games, matching games, recognition games, categorising games, and many more. Try Snakes & Ladders, Tic-Tac-Toe, Slot Machine, and several other favourite children's games. Have great fun while learning without even realising it.

The large variety of exercises and quizzes includes, matching exercises, jumbled sentences, multiple choice, multi-select, yes/no exercises, cloze activities, word bank, word replacement exercises, hot spot, drag & drop, and a few others. Learners can repeat these exercises and quizzes as many times as they want, but only the best mark will be retained by the system.

This course was designed to do the following:

  • Introduce learners to the fundamentals of English in an ultra-effective way through the use of modern presentation strategies, interactive learning activities, games, quizzes, and exercises.
  • Present only what is needed, but in a fairly challenging way to assist in the development of such skills as comprehension, analysis, synthesis, reproduction, production, and creativity.
  • Motivate learners to actively participate in the teaching/learning process, and to be in control from the outset in a student-centred environment.
  • Make learning fun and raise students' level of motivation to unprecedented levels.
  • Remove all the boredom, learning and performance anxiety from the learning process, whether at home or in the classroom setting
  • Follow the principles of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy of Learning Outcomes through the use of engaging, challenging, and motivating activities that create a desire to learn, and a craving for investigation and creation
  • Provide learners with the tools to develop the ability to remember, perform/apply, analyse, evaluate, and create, while displaying new levels of independence in real life situations.

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