Reviews: Perfect English

This recommendation was submitted by Mrs. Dawn Ward-Ryan. Her daughter is now in class three at a primary school in Barbados and had been having difficulties with English (Language Arts). please read her thoughts below.


There are many reasons why I as a parent appreciate the English Software offered by Educational Software Services. These include:

1.      the fact that the program can be used by the student to learn at their own pace with the interactive online activities,

2.      the program provides teaching resources (content presentations) for all students,

3.      it has the resources needed to complete the English syllabus for primary school students.

Furthermore, the contents of the program can be used by adults too who want to refresh and enhance their English. I especially like the fact that the program has several quizzes on and exercises on every topic and subtopic, and that it provided more than one chance to complete that quiz. This certainly offers the opportunity for repetition, thus helping the user to retain the information.

The quiz styles are not monotonous, due to the large variety of quiz types. They test and encourage the development of all aspects of the language. They include, jumbled sentences, cloze exercises, multiple choice, multi-select, hotspot, fill-in, true/false, etc. The program is also an idyllic English tool for students who are home schooled.  It also catches the attention of students with the graphics used to illustrate every sentence and example. This makes the examples easier to understand and is a plus for graphic learners. The online aspect can be logged onto and viewed anywhere in the world from laptop, tablet etc.

I have recommended this program to others so they too can have access to a well- organized educational tool to assist their children and themselves in grasping and understanding the concept of the English Language.

Educational Software Services for @Turbo-Charged Learning!


This recommendation was submitted by Mrs. Marcia blades. Mrs. Blades is a retired teacher who needed extra stimulation for her grandson. She found the perfect tool in our programme. She used the CD version.

Marcia Blades and grandchildren


In 2015, I purchased the above named package for my grandson who would have been taking the secondary schools examination this year, 2017. Since then he has been using the program in preparation for this exam…he now awaits the results.

Being a teacher myself, now retired, I examined the package first on a trial basis and thought it was an excellent tool catering to students in the upper classes at primary school as well those students at first form secondary level or as a remediation tool for under achievers.

The Program itself contains modern approaches to teaching and learning English and can be used universally as the content is not specific to any one island, territory or country. I have also found that it is based on the syllabus as set for teaching in the island and Caribbean.

The type set is bold and easy to read, interactive and also easy to use. The many teaching learning activities, games, quizzes and testing exercises promotes ease of learning and motivation.

Learners, participating in this program, get immediate feedback on completion of the exercises.

I would recommend this program to teachers of English and foreign students learning English as a second language.

Satisfied customer,

Marcia E. Blades 


This review was submitted by Ms. Wilma Thorington who purchased the CD product for her granddaughter.

Wilma Thorington

Editor (retired) at the Nation Publishing Company

Perfect English Toolkit

I have gone through the entire programme and while it states 8-12 age group, I am convinced it will be very beneficial for students at some Secondary Schools in First and Second Forms.

The toolkit is comprehensive and the way it is set out, even if you do not know the correct answers to the activities, quizzes and exercises, it will give you the guidance that will make you know.

I will make sure that my granddaughter continues to use the toolkit at Secondary School.

Wilma Thorington


This recommendation was presented by Ms. Maria Benn, Principal of the St. Elisabeth Primary School in Barbados.

Mr. Arthur Gaskin has been involved in the field of education for nearly forty years and currently serves as the administrator of Educational Software Services. He has been at the forefront of its development, and is the originator of the educational products they are now known to produce.

I have carefully reviewed the competencies which students will develop through the Perfect English Toolkit Programme developed by Mr. Gaskin and did not hesitate to  purchase several licenses of the product for use at the St. Elizabeth Primary School where I am the principal.

You will be immediately impressed with the opportunities which students have for consolidation and reinforcement when using the Perfect English Toolkit. I encourage you to visit the website and to learn more about this programme and the benefits to be derived from investing in it.


Yours sincerely

Maria Benn


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